Patrick McCullough
An award-winning filmmaker and now an Actor Coach for Hollywood films, Patrick just worked on the new film from Academy Award-Winning Actress, Charlize Theron, coaching one of the main roles. Patrick acted in and coached on, the Houdini mini-series in Budapest, Hungary with Academy Award Winner, Adrien Brody.  Patrick had a supporting acting role with a nice scene opposite Adrien, and also coached 44 actors.  Houdini Premiered in September, 2014 on the History Channel.  Patrick also directed and acted in the feature film, Slider, scheduled for release in October 2016.  Slider, written by former Filmmakers Ink student and now staff member, Brett Marshall, is a High School baseball movie set in CT.  Patrick began his filmmaking career producing and directing several educational films including the Cine Golden Eagle award winning, Sara's Diary, a teen suicide prevention film. His screenplay, Broham was a finalist for the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriting Program. He produced and acted in the independent feature film, Beautiful Kid, with Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer Prize-Winning author of Angela's Ashes. Variety cited Beautiful Kid for it's, "astonishing integrity." 


Joe Hertz
A graphic artist, Joe has worked on many prestigious projects including the New York City Neighborhood Maps (visible in every subway station) cover art and illustrations for the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District and bicycle trail map of Middlesex County, NJ, Part of the design team, for Bus maps for LI bus, Nassau County, NY, and The Ride, Anne-Arbor, Michigan.  Joe is an instructor at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, teaching Animation, Story boarding and Screenwriting for the Film and Television department, Storytelling Through Images and Poetry of Light, for the Creative writing Department. He has experience as a set designer for both Capital Classics Theater Company, (Merry wives of Windsor) and Oddfellow's Playhouse (Skin of Our Teeth, Prometheus Bound).  Joe was recently the storyboard artist on Slider.




Andrew Reardon
Andrew is a Filmmaker and Editor.  Andrew has been instructing with Filmmakers Ink for the last 6 years.  Andrew’s recent work includes Cinematographer and Editor of Don’t Talk To Strangers, a TV Pilot filmed in New York City.  He has worked with Patrick McCullough on several short film projects in CT and NYC, and was most recently the Director of Photography on Slider.







Sabrina Durling-Jones 
Sabrina is a photographer and filmmaker. She earned her B.A. as a graduate of the University of New Orleans Film program. She began her Masters Degree studies in Cinematography at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia, focusing on film and culture. She later shifted her focus toward Anthropology and is currently finishing her M.A. studies in Visual Anthropology at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago de Chile. She is presently working on her graduate thesis, a project teaching indigenous communities how to make documentaries about their cultures, from their own unique perspective.  She also is the producer of Slider.





Tim McCullough
Tim has worked on several major Hollywood films and prestigious independents shooting in New Orleans and New Mexico. He's worked with Campbell Scott on his upcoming project and was on the crew for movies such as JFK with Kevin Costner, Interview With a Vampire with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst, and the multiple Academy Award nominated film, Ray, with Jamie Foxx. His concentration is in using Special Effects to build set pieces, Set Dressing and Props.



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