"My 12-year son just finished his second summer attending Filmmakers Ink and he will definitely be back next summer.  To keep it short, I’ll list only a few things that are outstanding about this camp.  The instructors are nice, smart and patient. They also work in “the industry” and yet are not bitter sorts. The program attracts nice, open-minded kids.  It reaffirms my son’s passion for film.  But the thing that gets me, as a parent, is that it asks kids to think about how they think; about how they create; and teaches them that ideas don’t fall from the sky, that you have to work for them.  And they give the kids a system to do just that, which is then coupled with a disciplined approach to bringing those ideas to life. It’s excellent learning and yet totally fun.  I couldn't recommend it more." - Alison

“Patrick McCullough and his Filmmakers Ink staff bring a high level of professionalism and energy to their program regardless of the setting or the environment they are working in. They provide an extremely enriching and motivating experience for all participants.” - Tom


“Thanks for the DVD.  We laughed and laughed.” - Diana


“I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your professional staff for the wonderful three week intensive filmmaking and editing class that our son Jim attended at Staples this summer.

 The class exceeded our expectations --based on how it was marketed--which is a rare thing in this day and age--it was very hands on and technical--not theory--but actual tools of the trade.

We are especially happy that Jim was able to make three movies and that he re-energized his passion for making movies and videos. He has decided to major in film in college--and minor in journalism.

 Please feel free to use us as a positive recommendation for this class--we were very satisfied with the outcome.

 A special thanks to you and your staff for staying late on the last day (Friday night) while Jim and his classmate Brett finished up editing on their last movie.

Update:  Jim has been accepted at University of Colorado Boulder, School of Visual Arts, Temple and University of Hartford so far…

He is doing well—is in film club and is doing videos and news for his high school TV station.

Thanks Patrick.” - Steve


“Sam enjoyed his experience with Filmmakers Ink.  This is his second summer participating...  He found his teacher both informative and nice.” - Susan


 “I liked how it was really professional.  It gave me a different experience, because I usually do stage acting.  I really liked this camp.” - Kaitlyn


“Emily enjoyed this program very much and was excited to go every day, which hasn’t always been the case with other camps.” - Peggy


“I love your program!  I hope it will be available for Josh as he turns 17 and 18.” - Janis

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